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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Clifton, NJ

Whether you have lost one tooth or several, it’s important to find a replacement so that you can preserve your long-term health and appearance. At Clifton New Smile Dentistry, Dr. Dogan renews incomplete smiles with dental implants in Clifton. These titanium posts serve as the foundation for new teeth that effectively blend in with your natural smile and allow you to resume your normal habits. 

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Why Choose Dental Implants?

Truly healthy smiles are complete with all teeth present and functional. If even one tooth is lost, a domino effect occurs which can ultimately compromise the health of your entire smile. Vacant sockets lead to shifting, which in turn causes crowding while underlying bone structure suffers as well. Diminishing jawbones create a prematurely aged appearance due to loose skin and weakened facial structure. 

Not only that, but your health will be impacted as well; with improper chewing comes incomplete digestion, with essential nutrients left out of the digestion process. While traditional prosthetics allow patients with missing teeth to resume normal chewing, only dental implants replace both teeth and their roots, which are needed to stabilize your oral anatomy.

Dental Implant Placement in Clifton

Dr. Dogan collaborates with a team of trusted oral surgeons to place dental implants. Candidacy for this procedure is determined during the initial consultation; patients need healthy gums and jawbones in order to receive dental implants right away. Otherwise, preparatory procedures, such as bone grafts, will have to be performed by our periodontist.

Dental implants typically take three to six months to completely integrate. Once healing is complete, you will be asked to return so that we can place final restorations, which include:

  • Single Unit Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Overdentures

Whereas traditional restorations utilize surrounding teeth to stay in place, dental implants use only the socket in which they are being placed. With these titanium posts and their final restorations in place, you will be able to chew and speak with full confidence. Our beautiful restorations are crafted from porcelain and zirconia, two high-grade materials which are popular because of their durability and resemblance to natural enamel.  

For patients who are already using dentures, it is not too late to benefit from dental implants. Your existing prosthetics can be retrofitted to support implants so that they may better serve your health. If you are tired of dentures that slide during meals and conversations, it may be time to upgrade to dental implants.

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If you have lost teeth to disease or dental trauma, dental implants are the most effective replacement solution. At Clifton New Smile Dentistry, we place and restore dental implants in Clifton for those who wish to achieve a complete smile with preserved health, beauty, and function. For more information or to schedule your consultation, call Dr. Dogan today! 

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